Kipp Garlic Farm

Located just North East of Coalhurst Alberta, the farm is situated on the corner of hwy 25 and Kipp road. Planting the first crop in the fall of 2020 signaled a new beginning for land long used to grow hay. It is a first for the land and a first for the farmer.

Why we started.

After growing garlic in his garden for years on this same land, Bert noticed how well garlic could grow on the prairies, this started an idea to grow garlic on a larger scale. What cemented this idea is noticing the lack of work available for youth in his family and community. Excited to provide employment opportunities in the community Bert went ahead and planted the first crop in the fall of 2020.

The plan for Kipp Garlic going forward.

Eventually we would love to grow garlic on our entire farm, selling local and online to all of canada; but first things first. In the future we hope to have addintional varieties and garlic products.

In Nov. 2020 we launched an online store shipping and selling garlic across Canada. This is a step that will lead to increased sales and increased employment opportunities in our community.

We hope you enjoy our garlic as much as we do!