Growing/Harvesting Garlic in Canada.

garlic growing

How to grow garlic in Canada, now that you’ve planted (See our post on planting garlic here) and waited all winter, here are some tips on growing and harvesting hardneck garlic in Canada. Growing hardneck garlic. Once springtime comes, and all the garlic you planted in the fall starts coming up, you may wonder what

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How to plant Garlic In Alberta Canada.

Garlic Planting

Here are some step-by-step instructions on growing garlic in Canada (All our garlic is grown in Southern Alberta, other climates may be different). We sell seed garlic for Canadian growing on our website if you are in need. So if you need to know how to plant garlic, enjoy the info below. Preparing for planting.

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Health Benefits of Garlic


Garlic, a member of the Allium family; has been in use for the past thousands of years and contains many health benefits. There are early records of garlic use in India up to 5000 years ago. Garlic is commonly used to treat conditions related to the heart and blood system, such as high blood pressure,

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