Black Garlic and Commonly asked Questions.

Today we are going to explore a few commonly asked questions about black garlic. We explore how it is made together with its differences from fresh garlic.  What changes through the four weeks to change fresh garlic into black garlic? During the process the garlic undergos the maillard reaction. According to the National Library of

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Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Black Garlic is becoming more popular in the realm of culinary delights, becoming known for its distinct flavour and versatility. However, beyond its culinary uses, the health benefits of black garlic are also outstanding. The benefits range from suppressing cancer cell growth, lowering cholesterol, and even reducing inflammation. Effects of Black Garlic on Metabolic Disorders   Many

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What Is Black Garlic and How is it Made?

Black Garlic

First things first, let’s dispel any misconceptions. Despite its name, black garlic is not a different variety of garlic altogether. Instead, it’s created through a process called the maillard reaction, this process not only alters the flavor of the garlic but also changes its color, texture, and nutritional composition. The Process How Is Black Garlic

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