Today we are going to explore a few commonly asked questions about black garlic. We explore how it is made together with its differences from fresh garlic. 

Russian Red Garlic

What changes through the four weeks to change fresh garlic into black garlic?

During the process the garlic undergos the maillard reaction. According to the National Library of Medicine, the Maillard reaction is ‘a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that generates different flavours and brown colour’. This process is what creates the characteristic black and brown colour. It also changes the flavour from the potent garlic taste into the sweet and savoury flavour of black garlic.

Where does the Garlic used come from?

All of our garlic products are made from Alberta grown Russian Red Garlic grown here at the farm on Canadian Soil. We pride ourselves in growing without pesticides and producing the best product possible.

Does Black Garlic contain the same health benefits as fresh garlic?

Yes, in fact black garlic has significantly more antioxidants according to the National Library of Medicine. Black Garlic also has many more Health benefits which we discuss in our blog post, Health benefits of Black Garlic. 

Black Garlic

What does Black Garlic Taste Like? 

As the garlic goes through the Maillard reaction, it loses much of its bitter and potent flavour that characterises fresh garlic. Instead it develops a savoury and even sweet taste that truly is unique to its own kind. Some may even say it has a caramelising effect, but either way, it truly transforms into a new and fascinating flavour. 

How can I eat Black Garlic? 

 Black garlic is a versatile food product, which some consume by itself, as well as in many different meals. Cool flavours compliment its taste, causing Black garlic to stand out in combination with cream cheese or different cracker dips. To explore more on how black garlic can be consumed, check out our blog post, Enjoy Alberta Grown Black Garlic Recipes!

Where can I buy Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is now available on our website! Buy here, or for best value purchase our 1kg box today! Black Garlic also is available at the garlic stand located on the farm to avoid shipping costs.

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